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Master Fanfic List

  • May. 1st, 2009 at 11:12 AM
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Riza’s Fanfic List

Last updated: 06/17/2007

-----Story Summary-----
Linear Process [Sesshoumaru/Kagome] Removed for revision. {Incomplete drabble series; 28/50}
Merciful Death [Kagome/Inuyasha + Sesshoumaru] Sometimes it’s those we least expect that show us mercy. A lie in the face of death is nothing. {Complete oneshot}

[Sesshoumaru/Kagome] Snow will always melt, and the sun will shine free. {Complete drabble}
Waiting for Everything and Nothing [Kagome/Inuyasha + Sesshoumaru] Death, she decided, was cold. Waiting for everything and nothing at the same time was impossible, but it was still the only thing she could do. {Complete oneshot}

-----Story Summary-----
My Hand in Yours [Itachi/Sakura] Sometimes she almost lets herself forget that he ruined Sasuke’s life. {Complete drabble; requested by [personal profile] irreverence}
Narcissim [Neji centric] Goodness, he was beautiful. {Complete drabble; requested by [profile] greenlemonapple}
Sleepwalking [Kakashi/Sakura] When does ‘want’ become ‘need’? {Complete drabble}
Chapters [A Countdown of Scripted Time] [Sasuke + Itachi] His story, their story, is already written. All that he can do now, what he must do, is turn the pages. {Complete oneshot}
A Lie of Necessity [Itachi/Sakura] What use is love in a relationship like theirs?But, regardless, there would be payment where payment was due. {Complete oneshot}
The March of Time [Sakura oriented, Team 7] Sakura sees Naruto moving further and further away from her. Her thoughts and reflections on her ‘failure’ as a ninja, and her reaction when Kakashi finally brings Naruto and Sasuke home. {Complete oneshot}
Spring Cleaning [Team 7, hints of Sasuke/Naruto] As it becomes obvious that Naruto seems to be physically and mentally unable to care for his body and his home correctly, Sakura (and to a lesser degree, Sasuke) step in to save the day with the help of cleaning supplies and good, wholesome foods. {Complete oneshot}
After Effect [Itachi/Sasuke + Naruto] The second time Tsukiyomi is used on him, Sasuke finds that acting is harder, and faces tend to change. A descent into madness goes unchecked. {Complete oneshot} Companion fic to Brilliance
Brilliance [Itachi/Sasuke, or a general Itachi fic] They created the monster under the bed and all he has to do is play the part. When something is weak and sickly, it is destroyed - that is the way of nature. They are the sickness, and Itachi is the cure. {Complete oneshot} Companion fic to After Effect
Saké Cup [Itachi + Akatsuki] When Itachi first joins Akatsuki, there's an "initiation ceremony" of sorts. One that involves alcohol. Lots, and lots, of alcohol. Strange things are said when one is drunk. Pity Kisame.DRUNK!Itachi crack. {Complete oneshot; gift for [profile] bakkhos}
Drowning [Itachi/Sasuke, but Sasuke focused. Kinda.] Itachi's plans have always been well executed, and this one was no different. Itachi may have formed the idea, but Sasuke struck the blow that left him drowning. Mind-fuckery, as always. {Complete oneshot}
Empty Conversations [Sasuke, Naruto, and other mentions] After Naruto makes a deal with Sakura, he follows Sasuke home to see where the other boy lives. Something unusual happens when Sasuke sits down for dinner, though. {Complete oneshot}

-----Story Summary-----
Haunt You Everyday [Alucard/Integra] She can never escape that irresistible pull, and isn't even sure that she wants to. His ruby eyes can't even see her. {Complete drabble(ish)}
Heartbeat [Alucard/Young Integra] Just how did the injured Integra get out of the basement after being shot by her Uncle? And who could have possibly taken care of her wounds? {Complete oneshot}
Self Test [Alucard/Young Integra] Integra ponders over one of her father's diary entries. It warns of the danger of not becoming aquainted with Alucard's higher powers. She decided to take the advice, and release Alucard's power restrictions. But do the means meet the end? {Incomplete; 1/2 parts}

::Ouran High School Host Club::
-----Story Summary-----
Broken Illusion [Hikaru/Haruhi/Kaoru + Tamaki] The perverse illusion of family was only exacerbated by the family ‘relations’. {Complete drabble}
Picture Perfect [Kyouya/Haruhi] How different was Halloween when nearly every day the members of the Host Club dressed up as sparkling lies? {Complete drabble}

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